Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

It has been crazy cold here in South Louisiana.  It was 16 degrees last night.  That's not normal by any means!  My kids have been out of school the past three days due to snow and ice (we can not drive in that, sad but true).  So, with all the cold, we are doing whatever it takes to stay warm.  The best-tasting way to do that is Hot Chocolate.  Every winter I like to make up a batch of this homemade hot chocolate mix.  It is so good.  But, a warning, this recipe makes a ton of mix!  You may want to cut it in half.  But, if you make the entire batch it is perfect for giving away as gifts.  I used to give it to my kids teachers in a pretty cellophane bag with a Christmas mug.  They loved it.  You could also put it in mason jars and give it as hostess or neighbor gifts.  Or, you could just keep it all and drink it to stay warm on these crazy cold winter days!


8 cups of chocolate NesQuick powdered mix (about a 2 pound box)
1 lb. box powdered sugar
11 oz. container of powdered coffee creamer
8 quart box of powdered milk (dry milk powder)

Combine all of the ingredients in a very large bowl (if you don't have a giant bowl, use a big pot).  Stir well.  Be sure it is completely combined.  I mixed this in my gigantic pasta pot.

To serve, fill your mug half full with the mix.

Fill the rest of the way with very hot (not quite boiling) water.  Stir well.

This hot chocolate is sweet and creamy, so good.  My son likes mini marshmallows on top and my daughter likes a dollop of cool whip with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  I like mine plain.  Any way you serve it, it's good stuff!

Like I said earlier, this recipe makes a bunch!  I store it in gallon size zip top bags.  But to make it easy to serve, I reuse the container the coffee creamer came in.  After cleaning and drying it and removing the label, I write "Hot Chocolate Mix" on the front and the directions on the back.  This makes it simple for the kids to fix their own.

So, give this hot chocolate mix a try and stay warm.

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