Thursday, August 14, 2014

DIY Febreeze

I'm all for making my own cleaners.  I save time and lots of money!  If you have white vinegar, baking soda and lemons, you can clean your entire house.  But, today I want to tell you how to make your own Febreeze.

Febreeze is great for freshening your house.  It makes everything smell better, from curtains to mattresses to the dog bed.  I have an old dachshund, so I need to freshen the house daily, trust me.

But, Febreeze can get expensive.  So, I found a way to make it myself with things you probably already have.  Bonus, it costs pennies to make!


3 cups warm water
2 TBS baking soda
4 TBS fabric softener (a good smelling one)

Mix everything together and stir well.  Pour into a spray bottle (I saved an empty Febreeze bottle and cleaned it out).  That's it!  Easy!

It works great!  I think it smelled even better than actual Febreeze.  I chose a fabric softener with a fragrance I love, Gain.  I have also made it with Snuggle, which was great, too.  I love when I can customize something to my mood.  The best part?  No more dog smell!  Give this a try.  I promise it will be worth the few minutes to save money and have a fresh smelling house!

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