Friday, November 24, 2017

Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich

Hey Everybody, it's been a while.  I have been busy!  I'm dealing with some health issues and getting ready for the holidays.  Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday!  I love to cook, eat and visit with friends and family.  It's the perfect day!  But, secretly, what I love even more is the next day.  I don't go Black Friday shopping.  I don't even leave the house.  I sit around, listen to Christmas music, decorate the house and make a day after Thanksgiving sandwich.  It is a good day.  

The sandwich is quick and simple to make, as well as customizable.  Use the leftovers you enjoy.  Here's how I like to make mine:

Warm up a few leftovers.  I like to use turkey, gravy, cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce.

Butter 2 slices of bread.  Set aside.

Heat a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat.

Place one piece of bread, butter side down, in the hot skillet.

Layer on the ingredients:  Gravy, turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce.

Place the other piece of bread on top, butter side up.

Let the sandwich sit until the bottom is toasted and golden brown.  Then, flip the sandwich over using a spatula.

Smash it down slightly and let it toast on the other side.

Voila!  It's done!

Simple, but so delicious!  I hope you enjoy your day after Thanksgiving!


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